The Rains are Here! Stay Protected.

Rain and Data Centers Typically rain might not be a crucial threat to data centers due to the fact that modern data centers are now constructed to withstand normal weather conditions. Notwithstanding, heavy rainfall or flooding can still cause damage to data centers especially areas prone...

CABLE MANAGEMENT: Protecting Your Cables The Right Way

When dealing with several cables or wires, they tend to become entangled easily, resulting in a cluttered workspace or study area. This can sometimes lead to wires becoming accidentally unplugged, but cable management strategies can help to keep everything organized and in order. Cable management is...


Various risk factors such as fire, gas, electrical hazards, shock waves, water, pressure, particles and pests are prevented using the best sealing solutions which Roxtec provides. Roxtec excels in the efficient development, production, and distribution of sealing solutions for pipes and cables. Roxtec's modular transits are...

Marine products on EngineeringShop
“Don’t miss out! Valves from Guidi Marine Products”

It's time to look at that Valve set-up. Now that you've selected EngineeringShop as your trusted maintenance, repair and operations/overhaul spares platform ***being that we know you can count on us 😉*** Let us help you with that valve setup by serving you with the Guidi marine products...

EngineeringShop x John Guest Speedfit
👨🏼‍🔧EngineeringShop Specials: Introducing John Guest Speedfit Plumbing and Heating Technology👩🏼‍🔧

John Guest Speedfit collection. The "Push-fit people" - John Guest Speedfit unique pipe and plastic plumbing products are now available on EngineeringShop. John Guest Speedfit are leaders in push-fit plumbing systems used in hot and cold plumbing water services and central heating applications (including pressurized and combo systems with copper pipe). The...

EngineeringShop x Black Soot
EngineeringShop Fights Black Soot 😷☁️….Saving our friends from the black soot💨


EngineeringShop extends an expression of empathy, showing tender considerations with our fellow friends currently caught in the present inhumane condition of having to contend with the harmful black soot.

What is Black Soot?

"Soot", simply put, are particles, chiefly composed of carbon, typically produced from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuel, or biomass, and emitted via both anthropogenic and naturally occurring forms. Emitted soot appears either as colorless or as black soot.   Image of soot on hands   Recent articles (click sample) have continued to increase awareness on different ways to live healthy with the prevailing black soot situation. These laudable awareness efforts are definitely needed in the current circumstance of events. However, in addition to the prescribed methods highlighted, other methods inclusive of the introduction of a health apparatus such as safety respirators should also be emphasized to further prevent chronic illnesses.  

Meet Globus Safety Respiratory Protection range

Due to the unfolding turnout of numerous complaints in recent times, EngineeringShop takes a front sit in championing the use of safety respirators. In a show of tender considerations with our fellow friends, customers and non-customers alike currently caught in the present inhumane condition. We therefore seek the use of this medium to advocate for preventive actions (using safety respirators) for our children/students in schools, artisans working in unenclosed/exposed settings, workers at various workplaces, the elderly at home, etc. by bettering the level of respiratory elements entering the body system. EngineeringShop does not completely affirm that the use of safety respirators alone neither serves as a means to an end nor guarantees total prevention against ill effects as a result of the environmental pollution from the black soot situation. However, initial protection can begin from the use of these safety respiratory products to reduce massive effects resulting from continuous exposure.  

View Disposable Valve & Non-Valve range

9010V FFP 1

9010V FFP 1

A traditional range which incorporates a metal nose clip and individual headstraps.



Put simply, a product datasheet (PDS) is used for technical communication to describe technical characteristics of an item or product (e.g. junction box). The PDS serves as a digital passport for a manufacturer's product, usually consisting of all things anyone needs to know about a product in the form of...

🚨WORKPLACE SAFETY🚨: Fire in the Workplace

  It's #SafetyWednesday and we would like to address 🚨WORKPLACE SAFETY🚨. As we know a safe work environment is a productive one. Safety measures put in place should protect employees as well as equipment and business property. Avoiding or minimizing injuries and damage to equipment and facilities will result...

MRO procurement made easy

Definition MRO (maintenance, repair and operating supply) items are used in production and plant maintenance and can be items such as maintenance supplies, spare parts, and consumables used in the production process which may either be valuated or non-valuated. Examples MRO industrial products and items include: Electrical/Electronics engineering products...